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Precision Imaging Centers Launch Idonia at Five Diagnostic Imaging Centers across Northeast Florida

Patients and Physicians in Northeast Florida have been demanding a new type of patient-centric healthcare service. By partnering with Idonia, Precision Imaging Centers is answering that demand.


JACKSONVILLE, Fla., October 2nd, 2023 -- Precision Imaging Centers, a multi-specialty radiology practice, announces a pioneering partnership with Idonia, a market leader in cloud-based data exchange platforms and applications. Together, they answer a critical need in Northeast Florida: personalized, efficient, and patient-first services that makes secure and immediate access of patient medical records possible.

By adopting and deploying Idonia’s cloud-based platform, the physicians and staff at Precision Imaging Centers can easily access and securely share a patient’s Radiology and Pathology images and reports.

Traditionally, patients have faced long wait times as requests for medical records are authorized, retrieved, processed and stored onto CD ROM. Patients have had to wait or return to the host facility to pick up the reports and images. This process can be frustrating and sometimes lead to lost studies, unnecessary callbacks, and increased costs. Patients and physicians have been calling for a better, more efficient approach. Now patients can benefit from instant access to their studies from the convenience of their home. And physicians can enjoy the same secure and convenient access to their patient’s images and reports – from the office, hospital, home, or anywhere they can connect to the internet.

For 16 years, Precision Imaging Centers has provided high-quality imaging and same-day diagnoses. Joining forces with Idonia puts Precision Imaging Centers on the path to providing the most patient and physician- friendly medical imaging services in Northeast Florida.

"We continue to bring innovation and patient-first care to Northeast Florida," says Josh Hammond, CEO of Precision Imaging Centers. "Our patients deserve a new kind of healthcare service that supports the needs of image and report sharing across their primary and specialty healthcare provider teams. By partnering with Idonia, we can provide unparalleled care, data security, and convenience to patients and their physicians."

Hammond shared critical insights on the importance of data security when managing patient’s medical information. “Precision Imaging Centers chose Idonia's cloud-based technology primarily due to its leading-edge data security infrastructure. And by extension, the level of interoperability their platform affords our practice and our patients is unmatched. We found Idonia’s approach to anonymization unique in that it proactively deidentifies patient data, which is crucial to our data analytics initiatives. And with the scalable data storage pricing Idonia offered, we can reduce our data storage costs by 30%, which was a major factor in our budgeting considerations for the long-term storage project”.

Makenzie Few, Patient Services Specialist at Precision Imaging Centers, shares Hammond's vision.

"Each patient has unique requirements when it comes to their medical records. For example, one patient may need to forward their MRI images and report to a physician being consulted for a 2nd opinion. Another patient may be relocating from Florida to Nevada and want to share their previous imaging studies and reports with their new physician group. Idonia’s Magic Link, a patient-oriented functionality, provides the kind of convenience and portability that, until now, simply did not exist.”

Ms. Few went on to say “Another very important use case is when one of our referring physicians needs access to their patient’s CT scan on very short notice. With Idonia, that physician can login from their home or office and immediately review the images and report. They can also use Idonia’s Magic Link to share the study with a colleague for consultation.

When asked about the impact on patient satisfaction, Ms. Few said “We’re hearing positive feedback from our patients, and also from our referring physicians, and their staff. They appreciate this new level of service, and we are proud to be the first Diagnostic Imaging Center in Florida to offer secure Magic Link to access images and reports.”

Precision Imaging Centers is accepting new referrals at its five Jacksonville-area locations. To learn more about Precision Imaging Centers, please visit or call (904) 996-8100.

To learn more about Idonia please visit our website at To request a Magic Link demonstration please email us at or call us at +1 404 989-4729.

About Precision Imaging

Precision Imaging Centers is a precision-focused multi-specialty radiology practice with mobile 3D mammography and five offices conveniently located along Florida’s First Coast in Jacksonville, Jacksonville Beach, Fleming Island, St. Augustine, and Mandarin. By using state-of-the-art advanced imaging modalities, biomarkers, genomics, and other tools, we capture the highest-quality images that lead to earlier detection and less invasive therapies. All imaging studies and reports are supported by Idonia for enhanced security, interoperability and storage solutions.

About Idonia:

Idonia is a pioneering healthcare technology company dedicated to transforming the healthcare landscape through innovative solutions. With a focus on efficiency, security, and patient-centric care, Idonia specializes in the exchange of images and reports between hospitals, radiology centers, physicians and patients. Hosted on the Google Cloud Platform and available at Google Cloud Marketplace, Idonia is  GDPR and HIPAA compliant, with ISO 27001, ISO 27017, ISO 27018, SOC2/3 certifications and FDA 510(k) Cleared and CE Class IIb certified for the image viewer.